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  Maneuverable and easy to fly. An open cockpit and modern avionics allow you to fully experience the freedom of flight. Operation on hard and unpaved runways. Scope: patrolling, search and agricultural work, pleasure flights and travel.                                     
 Geometrical dimensions (without rotor)  
   length, м 5,08
   width, м 2,05
   height, м 2,72
  maximum take-off weight, кg 495
  empty weight, кg 275
 Crew 2
   model Yamaha Genesis 
   cylinders 3
   power (h/p) 130
   fuel benzine 95
   hourly consumption 17
   cooling coolant
 Fuel capacity, l 80(40+40)
 Rotor diameter,  9
 Speed range  
   max, км/h 175
   min gorizontal,  км/h 45
   take-off , км/h 50
   landing, км/h 0-50
 Rate of climb, м/s 7
 Take-off distance, м 30-70
 Landing distance, м 0-30
 Оverload  0  +2
 Wind (take-off/landing), м/s  
   counter до 17
   side  10
   fair 3
 Outside temperature от -25о до +35о
 Total luggage capacity, l 45
frame stainless steel
cabin composite
suspension alloy spring
wheel 4.00
emergency automatic fuel supply system  
liquid heating of carburetors (throttles)  
self-diagnosis of engine systems  
gearbox Simonini
propeller composite
Power supply 12v
generator, А 30
socket 12v,10A  
USB 2.1A  
battery, A/h 12-14
rotor brake  
pitch trimmer  
roll trimmer  
hydraulic wheel brake  
mechanical transmission  pre-rotator  
Control panel (Glass cocpite)  
oil pressure warning lamp +voice informant
digital indication of oil pressure +voice informant
oil level warning lamp +voice informant
digital indication of oil temperature +voice informant
digital indication of fuel pressure  
digital indication of temperature of a coolant +voice informant
coolant pressure warning lamp +voice informant
coolant level warning lamp +voice informant
fuel pressure warning lamp +voice informant
digital indication of fuel level +voice informant
Yamaha self-diagnosis with error indication  
digital indication of rotor speed +voice informant
digital indication of engine speed +voice informant
digital voltage indication +voice informant
trim and rotor brake control lamp  
digital indication of temperature of air  
hour meter, service intervals  
electronic flight log  
сritical flight mode voice informant  
automatical "in flight" mode (rotor brake and pre-rotator deactivated)  
aneroid airspeed indicator  
Digital avionics Glance Efis   
airspeed indicator +voice informant
overload indicator +voice informant
angle of attack indicator +voice informant
wind speed and direction indicator +voice informant
ground speed indicator (GLONASS + GPS)  
course indicator  
navigation display (airspace zones, aeronautical database)  
flight en route  
flight timer  
Aircraft radio FL760 option
Navi light option




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